These include:

Starting weight. People who weigh more tend to shed more pounds than those who weigh less. Still, the percentage of body weight lost is similar

Age. Older people tend to carry more fat mass and less muscle mass, which reduces your RMR, or how many calories your body burns at rest. A lower RMR can make it more difficult to lose weight

Gender. Women tend to have a greater fat to muscle ratio than men, which can affect their RMR. As a result, men tend to lose weight quicker than women, even if they consume a similar number of calories

Diet. Weight loss occurs when you burn more calories than you consume. Thus, a calorie deficit is essential to losing weight

Sleep. Studies have found that a lack of sleep may slow the rate at which you lose weight and even increase your cravings for unhealthy foods

Medical conditions. People with medical conditions like depression and hypothyroidism may lose weight at a slower rate

Genetics. Studies have shown that weight loss has a genetic component, which may affect certain people with obesity